Consultation with Teaching Food Preparation

Recommended for the clients interested in preparing and discovering the therapeutic benefits of macrobiotic meals.


Price in HK$

In addition to conducting a consultation, Serg also teaches preparing essential, balanced, macrobiotic dishes to improve client’s physical, mental and emotional well-being. This package takes dietary suggestions to the practical level. Clients engage in actual macrobiotic meal preparation and enjoy fresh, home made meals of highest quality.

Day 1: Same process and services included with Macrobiotic Consultation.
Day 2: Approximately 3 hours of shopping at local grocery stores and ordering online for proper ingredients, such as whole grains, seasonal vegetables, sea vegetables, beans, tofu, tempeh, seitan, fish, etc.
Day 3: Approximately 3 hours of shopping for proper pots, pans, utensils, and specialty cookware.

Teaching Food Preparation:

  • Five times a week, for one week minimum, teaching a client (or helper) how to prepare essential macrobiotic dishes that make balanced meals.
  • Dishes prepared will also be served.
  • Food cost is not included.


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