Macrobiotic Consultation

Recommended for optimum vitality and management of specific imbalances or health conditions.


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Recommended for optimum vitality and management of specific imbalances or health conditions.

The first meeting with Serg is an in-depth 1-hour session, in which the client will have the opportunity to discuss their health condition, emotional wellbeing, and goals. Serg will provide clients with personalized suggestions that include macrobiotic dietary and lifestyle modifications. Medicinal drinks, as well as external remedies (e.g. compresses, plasters, and body scrubs) may also be recommended to improve energy levels and overall health condition. Serg’s primary focus is to educate his clients and leave them with simple macrobiotic tools they can use independently in their daily lives.

Step 1: The client will receive a Health Assessment form, which needs to be filled out before the consultation.

Step 2: Serg will discuss the Health Assessment and client’s goals. He will then make specific suggestions.

Step 3: After the consultation client will receive:

  • Wellness Recommendations based on the principals of macrobiotics (e.g. lifestyle and exercise suggestions, medicinal drinks, therapeutic home remedies, etc.)
  • Dietary Suggestions, or in depth Weekly Menu featuring breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes for creating a daily balance. Dishes are made with whole grains, seasonal vegetables, sea vegetables, beans, tofu, tempeh, seitan, and occasional fish.
  • The macrobiotic based Wellness Recommendations and Dietary Suggestions work in synergy to create optimum mind-body balance and enhance overall vitality.


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